Just born 05 August 2018 in Capinahan, Biliran, Phillipines, bred by the Pitogo family who have another sow about to drop her batch next week. 8 more pigs that will be pregnant during the coming months.

Boars available to enable you to breed on your sows.

The Pitogo family have been well known in the area for around 30 years and involved in rice, coconut, ginger, bananas, sweet potatoes, corn and other crops and farming. Last year they purchased an existing piggery and have developed it into a going concern backed by hard work and good experience. They have recently added coconuts back in as a crop.

Their intention is to breed and sell, hire out males for breeding and sell live animals to the town market - maybe more . . .

There are plans for even further development.

Contact us with any enquiries you may have.

Capinahan, Naval, Biliran 6543 Philippines Telephone from Philippines: 09097185335

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Pitogo Pigs