Custom Marketing Resources will help you with your design & marketing

Printing - still the world's favourite way of reading a whole booklet!

Choosing the printer that prints your future revenue earning material is a choice that can make or break the job. Seasoned designers know how to make that selection and why. CMR have been keeping clients happy with print for nearly 25 years and many of them are regular customers.

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Getting your job printed is not so much about getting ink on paper but more about projecting the right image, the right words and getting your message clearly understood. It is more frequently about design concept. How many times have you looked at a badly designed promotion and not bothered to make further enquiries simply because the look of the print left you with a feeling that the business provider was not quite up to it. Businesses show their inability to market themselves properly every day based on cost. Marketing is an investment, spend the money in the right way - on the right design - and get a return on that investment.

Choose a printer employing professional, experienced marketeers or use a designer with all those abilities who is good at keeping clients happy, with an ability in finding you a cost effective solution to your print job.

Books, posters; newsletters; leaflets; programmes; post cards; stickers; newsletters; letterheads; business cards - everything you might need - and more.

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Custom Marketing Resources will help you with your design & marketing